What You need to know about Hyundai I20

The i20 range of car models from Hyundai come in 3-door and 5-door models, with impressive characteristics fitted in a compact system to ensure optimum driving enjoyment. Across the different variants, technology has been utilised to provide comfort and convenient access to the car’s features.


Without much effort and stretching of hands, you’ll be able to reach buttons and accessories to make your drive fun and relaxing at the same time. The on-wheel controls let you adjust the volume and skip to songs without taking your eyes off the road. The dashboard is also fitted with slots for inserting your iPod or other music devices.


The concept of automatic is meant to let you focus on your driving, without being interrupted by any concerns such as changes in the weather. When rain starts to pour, wipers are immediately activated at an ideal speed. In addition, the headlights are switched on automatically when it starts to get too dark to see the road efficiently.

Fuel economy

The Hyundai i20 was built with optimum fuel consumption in mind. You can get more out of a litre of petrol as compared to other competing models. The lightweight design and dimensions of the car also contribute to efficient fuel consumption.


Hyundai gives priority in adhering to safety standards set by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). The high safety rating of 5 was achieved by the i20 through the inclusion of safety features such as child seat anchors and anti-lock breaking systems. The vehicle also exhibits precise configurations in chassis stability, providing ideal balance even during sharp turns and other manoeuvres.

The Hyundai i20 can give you a unique driving experience, one which is centred on premium comfort and driving quality. You can inquire about test driving this model by calling Bartons Hyundai on (07) 3396 7777.

You can also check out Gumtree’s car reviews on many popular Hyundai models including the i20.

Why You Should Consider Car Insurance

For a large number of car owners, having to pay for car insurance can seem like having a chunk taken out of your income without having any tangible benefit.

car insurancephoto credit

Of course, if you drive a vehicle, you’re required by law to have Compulsory Third Party Insurance, but there a fair few benefits to insuring your car beyond the basic requirements:

  • Avoid Personal Liability
    Most important is the fact that car insurance will protect you against any personal liability if you’re in an accident; if the accident is your fault, can you imagine the costs you would incur if someone was seriously injured or even killed?
    This kind of incident can result in unimaginable settlement figures that could completely destroy your family financially and leave you with years of payments to meet.
    What’s more, if you are the one at fault, you’ll likely be left to foot the bill for any repairs that need to be made to the other vehicle or property; what happens if the other car is written off and needs to be replaced?
  • “But it Wasn’t My Fault!”
    If you take the opposite situation where the other driver is at fault and you are the injured party, if you haven’t got insurance, you could be left with some significant medical bills. Suing the other person is always an option but they may be in a similar position to yourself and do you have the time or resources to file a legal claim against someone?
    Also consider the cost of repairing or even replacing your vehicle, the same principle applies here also.
  • Peace of Mind
    Although this is not necessarily a tangible benefit, driving safe in the knowledge that you’ll be covered under all eventualities can provide you with great peace of mind; all it takes is one small mistake to bankrupt you and your family. Having a policy in place is a sure fire way of not having to worry about disaster scenarios, so you can become a more relaxed driver.
    Of course, this doesn’t mean that having your car insured enables you to drive recklessly, but it can help you to become a more level-headed motorist.

Unless you are in a very comfortable financial situation and want to take the unnecessary risk, purchasing a car insurance policy is really a no-brainer: it will cover you in the event of an accident regardless of whose fault it is, and it will enable you to drive with more confidence and security.

Hopefully by now you understand the importance of car insurance, so now begins the decision of what level of coverage is right for you.

If you’re still not convinced that you will benefit from purchasing car insurance or you’re unsure which kind of policy is best-suited to your vehicle and driving habits, be sure to speak to an advisor at Bartons Hyundai; with over 66 years of motoring experience, they’re sure to provide all the answers you’re looking for.

Why you should buy genuine Hyundai parts

A car is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life. The funds to buy the car may have come from savings you have worked long and hard to accumulate or you may have taken on a bank loan towards paying for the car.

hyundai car partsAs it is such a big acquisition, you will no doubt want to take good care of your car to make sure it provides you with many years of happy motoring. Periodically, the car will need servicing and it may even need some new parts from time to time.

If you have a Hyundai car and get it serviced at a registered dealer, you can be assured that they will use genuine Hyundai parts. However, for whatever reason, you may have it serviced at a garage that is not a Hyundai dealership. Some of these garages will use genuine Hyundai parts but there are others that will not. Instead they may use cheaper, inferior parts.

There are a number of reasons why this could be a problem for you and your car including the following:


Hyundai parts have been designed so that they comply with the Australian Design Rules, built to the highest standard. They have been tested in extreme conditions, coming with a 12 month or 20,000 km warranty (whichever comes first). A great deal of research and development goes into the creation of such parts.

Non-genuine parts rarely match the standard of creation of genuine parts. This can impact on a number of safety features and basic functionality. This could lead to additional repairs being needed, thus adding to the cost of your repair bill.


All Hyundai cars come with warranties for the safe running of the vehicle. If you were to use non-genuine car parts rather than genuine ones, you may find that you have voided the warranty. For instance, if it were found that a non-genuine car part had been used and your car’s engine was damaged that would normally have been covered under the warranty, you may not be covered. This could result in a substantial repair bill.




Genuine Hyundai parts are designed to fit perfectly. Therefore, it will probably take a car mechanic less time to fit a genuine part than one that is not. This will prevent any future problems as well as reduce the costs.

Re-sale value

You may not be looking to sell your Hyundai at the moment but, in a few years time, you may. When that happens, a prospective purchaser is going to be happier to find you produce receipts showing that genuine Hyundai parts have always been used rather than non-genuine ones. This will increase the value of your vehicle.

If you are looking for a dealership offering genuine Hyundai parts, consider Bartons Hyundai. They offer servicing and repairs with genuine parts to ensure the best results for you.

Do you have an eye for an ‘I’

Hyundai’s i range has a model for everyone. If you or your family are looking for a new car then check out Hyundai’s i20, i30, and i40 models. From budget to size, Hyundai has you covered with their i range of cars. These cars are stylish, sleek, handle well and feature some of the industry’s latest technology, as well as many different accessories to help make your driving experience more enjoyable, functional and safe.


This model is more compact, handles great, has plenty of power and can get you in and out of tight spots. It’s received many awards for safety and other aspects. Another bonus is that this car is very fuel efficient. There’s a 4 door or a 2 door version. Both of them also have a hatchback to make it easier and more practical for loading and unloading items. This particular model is ideal for commuters or first car buyers.


The i30 has more room than the i20 but still offers award winning safety and comes at a great price. There’s plenty of power and great steering, as well as being fuel friendly. In fact, if you feel the i20 is too small for you but still want all of the great features, then the i30 is your answer.

The i30 comes in the Tourer, Hatch and SR models. The Hatch is basically a larger i20 hatchback. The i30 Tourer adds a touch of sportiness to this award winning car. The i30 SR has more power and allows you to step on the gas and get going. In fact, it has 20 per cent more power and 19 per cent more torque than the standard model.

The i30 is a budget friendly car that’s perfect for individuals and small families.


The i40 class offers more room for passengers, drivers and storage, with the same award winning safety features as the lower models. This class has two models: the sedan and the tourer.

The i40 Sedan is a 4 door car with power, safety and modern styling at its heart, as well as sleek designs that will make heads turn as you drive by. In fact, this model makes you feel like you’re driving in first class. Great fuel mileage and perfect for families or young professiona;s.

The i40 Tourer adds sportiness to the elegance. Additionally, there’s more power that will leave you speechless with how amazing it performs. A hatchback is included like the lower models. This car is spacious and versatile. A nice car for active families, young married couples or an individual who likes to travel a lot.

Want to check out one of the cars in the Hyundai i range? Head to Bartons Hyundai today!


The universal rule for getting a new car for less…

Buying a car can be an exciting time for anyone. Whether it’s your first car or your fifth, purchasing a car is a big commitment that can cost a significant amount of money. However, there are a few tips to buying a car for less. Perhaps, the most significant tip is the universal rule of buying a demonstrator model.

There are many advantages to buying a demonstrator model instead of a brand new car, including:

Lower Price

The most significant benefit of buying a demonstrator model is that they are significantly cheaper. Depending on the type of car, like a Hyundai, you could save thousands on a demo car. Think about it. Less to pay means you will have more money to spend on other things like: a stereo system, tinted windows, nice rims, an alarm or other car accessories.

Additionally, paying less will allow you to have lower car payments. Lower car payments are great on your monthly budget. You don’t have to stretch your paychecks each week or month, making it less stressful.


Dealers are more inclined to negotiate a lower price on a demo car than a new car. In fact, most dealers are looking to sell the demo cars before too many kilometres and any wear or tear are put on them.

Know what you are getting

With a demo model, you know exactly what you get. You are buying the exact car that you test drove. Sometimes, dealers will have you test drive a similar car then sell you a different car of the same kind. With a demo car, you can see every flaw in the car and know whether or not the car is truly the right one for you. It’s almost like you can test drive that car all the way home, all with more money in your pocket!


Sometimes new cars might not be in stock. You get your hopes up to go and buy a certain car, check out the demo model, test drive it and then find out you can’t buy the car because there isn’t one in stock. But, if you buy the demo model, you can take it home that day.


Like any car, make sure your demo car is well taken care of. Make sure it passes all inspections and has the proper guarantees or warranties. The good thing is, the demo cars will be kept safe and up to date as they are used by representatives and potential customers. No dealer wants to risk any possible accidents, which means that demo cars usually have great upkeep.

Want to test drive a demo car today? Visit Bartons Hyundai in Wynnum.