The universal rule for getting a new car for less…

Buying a car can be an exciting time for anyone. Whether it’s your first car or your fifth, purchasing a car is a big commitment that can cost a significant amount of money. However, there are a few tips to buying a car for less. Perhaps, the most significant tip is the universal rule of buying a demonstrator model.

There are many advantages to buying a demonstrator model instead of a brand new car, including:

Lower Price

The most significant benefit of buying a demonstrator model is that they are significantly cheaper. Depending on the type of car, like a Hyundai, you could save thousands on a demo car. Think about it. Less to pay means you will have more money to spend on other things like: a stereo system, tinted windows, nice rims, an alarm or other car accessories.

Additionally, paying less will allow you to have lower car payments. Lower car payments are great on your monthly budget. You don’t have to stretch your paychecks each week or month, making it less stressful.


Dealers are more inclined to negotiate a lower price on a demo car than a new car. In fact, most dealers are looking to sell the demo cars before too many kilometres and any wear or tear are put on them.

Know what you are getting

With a demo model, you know exactly what you get. You are buying the exact car that you test drove. Sometimes, dealers will have you test drive a similar car then sell you a different car of the same kind. With a demo car, you can see every flaw in the car and know whether or not the car is truly the right one for you. It’s almost like you can test drive that car all the way home, all with more money in your pocket!


Sometimes new cars might not be in stock. You get your hopes up to go and buy a certain car, check out the demo model, test drive it and then find out you can’t buy the car because there isn’t one in stock. But, if you buy the demo model, you can take it home that day.


Like any car, make sure your demo car is well taken care of. Make sure it passes all inspections and has the proper guarantees or warranties. The good thing is, the demo cars will be kept safe and up to date as they are used by representatives and potential customers. No dealer wants to risk any possible accidents, which means that demo cars usually have great upkeep.

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