Do you have an eye for an ‘I’

Hyundai’s i range has a model for everyone. If you or your family are looking for a new car then check out Hyundai’s i20, i30, and i40 models. From budget to size, Hyundai has you covered with their i range of cars. These cars are stylish, sleek, handle well and feature some of the industry’s latest technology, as well as many different accessories to help make your driving experience more enjoyable, functional and safe.


This model is more compact, handles great, has plenty of power and can get you in and out of tight spots. It’s received many awards for safety and other aspects. Another bonus is that this car is very fuel efficient. There’s a 4 door or a 2 door version. Both of them also have a hatchback to make it easier and more practical for loading and unloading items. This particular model is ideal for commuters or first car buyers.


The i30 has more room than the i20 but still offers award winning safety and comes at a great price. There’s plenty of power and great steering, as well as being fuel friendly. In fact, if you feel the i20 is too small for you but still want all of the great features, then the i30 is your answer.

The i30 comes in the Tourer, Hatch and SR models. The Hatch is basically a larger i20 hatchback. The i30 Tourer adds a touch of sportiness to this award winning car. The i30 SR has more power and allows you to step on the gas and get going. In fact, it has 20 per cent more power and 19 per cent more torque than the standard model.

The i30 is a budget friendly car that’s perfect for individuals and small families.


The i40 class offers more room for passengers, drivers and storage, with the same award winning safety features as the lower models. This class has two models: the sedan and the tourer.

The i40 Sedan is a 4 door car with power, safety and modern styling at its heart, as well as sleek designs that will make heads turn as you drive by. In fact, this model makes you feel like you’re driving in first class. Great fuel mileage and perfect for families or young professiona;s.

The i40 Tourer adds sportiness to the elegance. Additionally, there’s more power that will leave you speechless with how amazing it performs. A hatchback is included like the lower models. This car is spacious and versatile. A nice car for active families, young married couples or an individual who likes to travel a lot.

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