What are the risks of not having your car serviced?

Cars are a vital part of everyday life. It is important they are looked after to ensure a safe and pleasant trip, every time.

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To help achieve these things, you should make sure that a car service is regularly carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s handbook. If you do not, there are a number of risks, including:


Breakdowns are a relatively common occurrence and can happen for a wide variety of reasons. However, it is also easy to avoid a breakdown with regular servicing and upkeep. A service can find a problem before it goes too far and prevent breakdowns.


You should check your car’s tyres are safe and legal on a regular basis. Despite this, many people often leave it until it is too late. If you were to have your car serviced, as part of the service, your tyres would be checked to make sure they are legal and have no damage or punctures.

Better performance 

A car that has been regularly serviced will drive much better than one that has not been looked after and serviced by professional on a regular basis. For instance, the brake horsepower reduces over a period of time but during a service this aspect of the car’s performance can be looked at and corrected.

Increased resale value

When you come to sell your car, the potential purchaser will want to see the service history. A car that has not been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions is unlikely to fetch as good a sale price as one that has been serviced regularly and correctly.

Fuel economy

With the cost of fuel these days, you want to get as many kilometres as possible from a full tank of fuel. By having your car serviced on a regular basis, the engine, tyres and overall performance of the car will work effectively which, in turn, leads to better fuel efficiency.

Whilst a service will cost you a few dollars it could, in the long run, save you money. If you own a Hyundai vehicle and need to book a service, talk to the experts at Bartons Hyundai today.

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