Hyundai I 30 – The best Budget Car

Few cars display excellence in engine performance and stylish design, but the Hyundai i30 does not disappoint in these areas. What’s more telling is how a budget car can stand out from other, more expensive models through its features and attributes.

Technology applied

The Hyundai i30 is fitted with wireless technology utilised to produce keyless entry systems and Bluetooth connectivity. The car is also protected with a burglar alarm, allowing you freedom to be at peace when you park in dark and secluded areas. It does not disappoint in keeping you entertained as well, with a touch screen audio system combined with high quality speakers for your enjoyment.

Smooth control

No matter how fast or powerful the engine is, the driving experience is ruined when you are not comfortable and confident with how the car handles. The Hyundai i30 lets you traverse the long highways through its built-in cruise control functionality. With just a push of a button, you can direct some of your attention to the sights you encounter along the way without compromising your safety. Traction Control System is installed as well, improving the grip of your tires on various surfaces while on the road.


To make your driving and manoeuvres a little more safe and manageable, automated features are mounted, letting you focus solely on the road. When you’re under heavy rain, the heated side mirrors will allow you to have full awareness of the vehicles around you. The rear park assistance is a revolutionary feature that gives you a full view of the area behind the car.

With technology to match the ones available in luxury cars, the status of being a budget car may seem like underselling the Hyundai i30. But with an affordable price partnered with impressive features, it’s an ideal car for anyone looking to make a purchase based on quality. For more information, contact Bartons Hyundai today by calling (07) 3077 9435.