Bartons Vehicle Maintenance Service

Regular maintenance of your Hyundai vehicle is a very smart investment, which could save you hundreds in repairs in the future.  Maintaining your car will also ensure a smooth drive, lowering fuel consumption. Here are a few things to consider when maintaining your vehicle:


No matter what type of tyres you use, having the right air pressure can be economically beneficial where your tyres will last longer before having to buy a replacement. It can also increase your gas mileage and enhances your driving efficiency, which can drastically decrease the vehicle’s fuel consumption. Not having the right air pressure will not only decrease the tyre’s life span, it can dangerously affect your driving to the point where you put yourself and your passengers at risk.

You can check your air pressure when you visit almost any petrol station. Within the station, you can maintain the recommended air pressure with their air pumps.


The quality of your car oil determines the performance of its engine and its life span. Oil functions by reducing the friction within an engine as well as maintaining its temperature while the car is running. Over time, the engine oil will start degrading as it collects small dust and debris. As the engine oil degrades, its ability to reduce friction and maintain the temperature of the engine will decrease.

It is recommended to check your oil regularly before driving to make sure it is clean. You can check your oil by finding the “dipstick” on the engine. Make sure you are parked on a levelled area before checking your oil. Pull out the “dipstick” and use a piece of cloth or a paper towel to wipe the oil off. Immediately put the dipstick back into the engine, pull it out and wipe the oil off again. The “dipstick” can show you the oil level of the car if you need to add more oil to the engine. Golden brown coloured oil means the oil is still fresh while a darkish brown colour means the oil has become dirtier and needs to be replaced with new car oil.


The brakes of your car are the most important part of your vehicle to maintain regularly. Even if your car is able to run without any problems, a faulty braking mechanism can endanger your life as well as your passengers. Just like the engine oil, you need to check your brake fluid daily to see if it is at an optimum level or if it isn’t fully deteriorated. A clean brake fluid will ensure your braking mechanism will function effectively.

If you need regular maintenance of your Hyundai vehicle, Barton’s Hyundai will be able to make sure your car runs smoothly. Visit their website for more information.