The History of Bartons

Bartons Hyundai has an incredibly rich history and is one of the most recognised dealers with experience spanning more than 65 years. Read on to learn the history of Bartons.

How they got their start

Bartons started in 1945 when Ken Barton returned after his service with the RAAF in New Guinea.  Barton established G & B Motors with Alf Giles, a mechanical business. Their first milestone was acquiring a contract to provide mechanical service to a local bus company. G & B became a sub-dealership for Coachcraft Ford when they sold petro from a shell bowser in 1949 before they switched to Hyundai in 1950.

In 1958, the pair moved G & B Motors to 106 Tingal Rd where they also managed the Golden Fleece petrol station. At this time, Basil Leben joined the company who also helped with running the petrol station and stayed with them for 35 years. John Harrison entered the company as their general manager in 1963 who will become a dealer principal and partner. The growth of the company was incredibly remarkable where their move to their present location in 1972 was marked with a parade and was regarded as a memorable day for the locals of Wynnum.

Barton’s pride and culture

Unlike other Brisbane car dealers, every Bartons Hyundai strives to build a culture where customer approach is strongly valued by every employee. Doug Barton is committed to providing customers with the best service provided by their programs, including the “customers for life” program. Each day, their employees make sure that the customers always comes first and their first priority is to meet and go past any of their expectations.

A foundation built with strong tradition

The company’s rich history is built from servicing numerous vehicles from local residents and business for over 60 years. This helps form the foundation of the company with a strong tradition as to how Doug Bartons Hyundai do business. Over a thousand customers have enjoyed the vehicles they purchased from the company. Whether the vehicles are new or used, they are kept in great shape with the skill, knowledge and dedication of the service department.

Customers are also able to receive better service for their vehicles provided by the service department which can easily meet almost any of their needs.  Potential customers are able to easily see the difference when purchasing any vehicle from Bartons Hyundai as compared to other car dealers. Motorists will be assured of receiving professional automobile service from their service department including oil change, exhaust emissions, and tyre pressure.

Bartons Hyundai is one of the most renowned Hyundai dealers in Brisbane. Visit their website or call them at (07) 3396 7777 for more information.