Tips on buying new, used or demo vehicles

Buying a car is a big investment. The dilemma for most people is choosing whether to buy a used car to save money or pay more to buy a new vehicle. Some car owners who bought a used or a new car have wondered if they were able to get what they want. Below are some things to consider when deciding between buying a new or a used car.

New cars

The advantage of having a new car is the reassurance of being the first owner. Owners will be the proud holders of a new car model within their neighbourhood. They will also enjoy the state of their car which has a fresh smell of being new, no damages to the upholstery and no visible or hidden defects within the vehicle.  New cars also bring the latest in fuel saving technology which can give you a return in your investment with purchasing a new model.

When it comes to reliability, a new car will be less likely to break down and doesn’t need as much maintenance as compared to a used car. The free warranty period on a new car is another great benefit as this ensures you won’t have to pay repair or parts replacement charges.

Used car

The clearest advantage with purchasing a used car is its low price tag as compared to new cars. Used cars however can potentially have the same value as a new model with a much lower cost. Owners of newer model cars tend to fear the depreciation of their vehicle where its value will decline as its usage increases. Used cars on the other hand have already undergone its depreciation period, which can give its owners an ease of mind in knowing they can take their car anywhere without its value dropping.

Although a used car will most likely have no free insurance, older models are more reliable and durable than new models. Old car models are built using different types of materials which are not used by most modern car manufacturers. Certain used cars may still be under the warranty of the manufacturer, which can increase the reliability should the car require any repairs or part replacement in the future.


A new car is the most likely choice for those who favour a new car model of their favourite manufacturer. A new car is also for those who wish to invest in the latest fuel efficiency technology to lessen their petrol consumption. A used car is not only for those who have a strict budget in purchasing a car, it is also for those who want a reliable car model.

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