Demonstrator vs New Cars

Demonstrator vs. New Cars

Buying a new car can be quite expensive, but there are many benefits. New cars have little to no mileage and offer the benefit of you being the first owner/operator of the vehicle. However, there is another option that is like buying a new car, but at a lower cost. You can save money on a car by choosing a Hyundai demo in Brisbane from Bartons Hyundai.

What is a Demonstrator Hyundai?

Many people are not aware that there are Hyundai demo models available. These cars are sold as new cars as they have not had a previous owner. However, the car has been used by one of the staff at the car dealership for a short amount of time or tested by possible customers. Most often a Hyundai demo car will have just a few thousand miles on it. Managers of dealerships typically drive the car for a while and then sell it as a demo.  This means you are basically purchasing a new car, with a price tag that is significantly lower.

Benefits of Choosing a Demo

There are many benefits of choosing a demo car over a brand new or used vehicle. New vehicles will cost more than a demo car. A demo car will be sold to you as a new car and you will be listed as the first owner of the vehicle. While a used car is the cheapest option, if you are looking for a great car with few miles on it, the demo is by far the best choice.

Many people are unaware they have the option to buy a demo car. There are only a few downfalls to purchasing one, which is why it should really be considered. The biggest issue is that you will not be able to choose the “extras” the car has available as new. There are also fewer choices available in terms of model, but if you can find a demo, there are no other downfalls.

To view the demo models available for Hyundai demo models in Brisbane, visit Bartons Hyundai now.

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