The Right Way to Drive Green

Let’s be honest, fuel prices aren’t going down any time soon, and with environmental concerns at an all-time high, there is no better time for you to learn the right way to drive green.

When you’re rushing around, running errands and performing your day-to-day duties, getting better fuel efficiency from your vehicle is probably the furthest thing from your mind, but you don’t necessarily have to own one of the more eco-friendly cars to be a greener motorist; there are plenty of little tricks that will help you make your car fuel go the extra mile.

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Here is a selection of tips to help you run your car in a more environmentally-friendly way:

  • Plan Ahead
    When you know you have a few places to visit, planning ahead can enable you to combine trips and save time as well as fuel. With low-cost GPS navigation devices and smartphones boasting even simple tools like Google Maps, you can easily plan your route and avoid unnecessary detours and traffic jams.
  • Lose Some Weight
    No, not you personally! If you have a trunk or backseat full of heavy items like tools, consider moving them into your garage when you know you’re not going to need them; this can significantly reduce the demand placed on the engine and help to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Drive Efficiently
    A major component of getting the most from your car fuel is to not brake and accelerate too aggressively; as you approach a set of traffic lights, let your car come to more of a rolling stop rather than speeding up to the lights and then hammering the brakes.
    Fuel efficiency goes hand in hand with smooth driving; not necessarily slower driving. Bear in this mind next time you’re on the road and always seize opportunities to roll downhill or come to a gentle stop at junctions.
  • Slipstream
    This tip is provided tentatively because it can be dangerous when used irresponsibly; drafting behind larger vehicles like trucks can reduce air resistance which causes less strain on the engine and significantly improves fuel efficiency. Just be sure to always apply the two-second rule and never take any unnecessary risks.
  • Sitting Idle
    Even when sitting in traffic, it’s best to minimize the amount of time you leave your car idling. The best way to achieve this is to plan your route ahead of time to avoid any traffic jams, but this isn’t always possible so if you’re stuck in a serious jam, consider turning your engine off for a minute or two when you get the chance.

These simple tips are incredibly easy to put into action and will definitely help you to become a greener motorist; they could save you a pretty penny, as well as saving you time on your travels.

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