2013 Hyundai I30 ACTIVE GD: Main Features, Safety and Interior

This year’s hottest development from Hyundai is the i30 ACTIVE GD; with its 1.6 Litre diesel or 1.8 Litre petrol engine and Speed Sensitive Motor Driven Power Steering (MDPS), the i30 offers a superb driving experience with fantastic handling every step of the way.

hyundai I302013 Hyundai I30

This gorgeous car from Hyundai features some great perks as standard, including the following:

  • 16’’ Wheels offer almost unparalleled traction and handling around even the tightest of hairpins and the wettest of conditions.
  • The 1.6L diesel engine or 1.8L petrol engine offer just the right amount of gusto to take you from Point A to Point B while providing you with the all-important benefit of great fuel efficiencyless than 6L / 100km in urban areas and around 4-5L / 100km elsewhere.
  • Anti-lock Braking System or ABS, with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, or EBD, and Brake Assist System or BAS all come as standard and compliment the i30’s sturdy engine with a wholly solid and dependable braking system which will help you cling to the road without hesitation so that you can drive with absolute mastery over your vehicle.
  • Cruise Control with steering wheel-mounted controls offer the ultimate in comfortable driving, making gruelling long-distance trips a thing of the past while ensuring your attention remains focused solely on the road ahead.
  • The 5″ touch screen audio system with 4 speakers and 2 tweeters offers unrivalled audio quality as standard with the convenience of being able to quickly switch between songs and albums with minimal effort.
    What’s more, AUX & USB audio input with digital iPod® compatibility is included as standard, offering you a comprehensive entertainment system to make those long commutes pass by in no time at all.
  • Heated external mirrors and glove box cooling work as part of an extensive temperature control system to offer optimum visibility and comfort at all times.
  • Vehicle Stability Management or VSM, with Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, and Traction Control System, or TCS, offer even greater handling and safety while on the road, so you can drive safe in the knowledge that thei30 will handle the most formidable of conditions, day or night.
  • The interior of the I30 features cloth seats which won’t become uncomfortably hot during the summer months, and the day/night rear view mirror provides you with a crystal clear view of the road in all directions, regardless of the time of day;

So as you can see, this year’s Hyundai i30 ACTIVE GD offers a whole host of great features, all wrapped up in a beautifully streamlined and stylish package that will have you turning heads at every corner.

To find out more about the Hyundai I30 ACTIVE GD or to arrange a test drive, contact Bartons Hyundai and they will be sure to answer any questions you might have and find the solution that suits you.

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